Our Worship


When you come to St. Aidan's for the first time, you'll be greeted by an usher who will give you a service bulletin that will guide you through our services, with the page numbers for The Book of Common Prayer and The 1982 Hymnal, as well as other worship resources. It might seem complicated, so be sure to ask an usher or someone else for help. We gather to worship God in prayer, song, reflection, and in communion with one another. Some services are quiet and formal and others are not. All services are open to everyone from all walks of life.
The word "religion" means to be connected, so our worship is religious in the sense that in it we connect with God in order to serve the kingdom of God during our journey here on earth. Sometimes big and wonderful things happen-baptisms, weddings, burial of the dead, celebrations-sometimes it is just the ordinary transformation of human hearts and lives into the beloved children of God.