Our People


We are people of God, united in the love and fellowship of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are servants of God and His Church, praising him at all times and in all places, and going out into the world to spread the Good News and to do good works in His name. We welcome all who walk through our doors and reach out to those who do not or cannot. We are a community and family of faith and love, and invite you to come and be a part of it. We are young and old. We are students and we are teachers. We are retired, we are engineers, sales people, executives, and we are unemployed. We are artists, we are musicians, and we can't carry a tune in a bucket or draw to save our lives. We are veterans, we are serving our country in our armed forces, and we are pacifists. We are "cradle" Episcopalians, we have come from other denominations and traditions, and we have come to know Christ from other faiths, or from no faith at all. We are a diverse and varied population, and we are bound together in the love of God. No matter where you are on your journey of faith, no matter where your life has taken you, no matter what you believe - or what you don't belive - we welcome you into our family with open arms. We invite you to be a disciple of God, as we are all called to be, to live out your faith in a real and tangible way, and to walk with us as we go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit, and spreading the Good News of Christ.