Our Church

St. Aidan's has a two-acre campus immediately outside the Colorado Avenue entrance of the CU campus, across from the Engineering Building. The central structure is the parish church, which also houses the Canterbury Colorado ministry. Built in phases in 1957 and 1967, with significant renewals in the 1980s, 1990s, and since 2007, the church houses worship, dining, meeting, art gallery, and lounge spaces. The church is open most work days and every Sunday. Public use of the church for meetings, recitals, or exhibits can be arranged by calling the office.

The St. Aidan's grounds are park-like, and we encourage those passing by to rest and meditate, either on the benches, chairs and tables or just relaxing under a tree or by a stream. We have a meditational labyrinth based on the Chartres pattern in the lawn just west of the church building. Lateral branches of the Anderson ditch flow through the campus and provide streams of water. Parking is available by permit on the parking lots for week day use or for football games and other special events.
Please click here for more information on our policies and procedures regarding parking, recitals, and building use. Information on exhibitions in the Muriell Sibell Wolle Art Gallery can be found here.